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Appointments System

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Telephone Consultations & Face to Face appointments

We continue to review the appointment system and now offer a mixture of telephone consultations and face to face with some of the GP/Salaried Partners but all GP Registrar appointments will be face to face.    Please note that our receptionist are trained to "care navigate" you and may suggest you seek help for your local Pharmacist, Optician or Dentist as they will be the most appropriate person to see you.

We offer pre-bookable appointments each week and every Tuesday at 11.30am we will release appointments for the following week.

If you are offered a same day telephone consultation, if the GP feels that you need to be seen that day you must be available to attend the surgery, especially if you feel your medical problem is of an urgent nature and you have been added to the on-call surgery.

After a Bank Holiday or when the Practice has several GPs off (annual or sick leave) routine pre-bookable appointments will be reduced and we may need offer "on the day" appointments only.


Telephone 01443 222567 to arrange a telephone advice consultation if you live in the Pontyclun area OR 01443 224309 if you live in the Llanharry area.

Common Ailments Scheme

Many common complaints can be safely dealt with at home or by speaking to your local Pharmacist.  You do not always need to be seen by a Doctor.

Under the Common Ailments Scheme your Pharmacist can provide free confidential NHS advice for conditions such as diarrhoea, hay vever, head lice, chickenpox, threadworms, sore throats, conjunctivitis, verrucas, back pain, vaginal and oral thrush, scabies to name a few.

Home Visits

Home visits should be regarded as a service for housebound and those who are genuinely too ill to come to the surgery.  Many of our patients come to the surgery by taxi or bus.

We ask that all home visit requests are made before 11am.

Home visits are at the discretion of your doctor and are telephone triaged by a doctor. When requesting a home visit the receptionist will ask for a reason why and you will be added to the on-call duty doctor list.

Please remember that several patients can be seen in the practice in the time it takes to make one home visit.  There are also better facilities for examining and treating patients at the surgery.


Cancel an Appointment

It is important that you inform the reception staff if you are unable to attend your appointment, this will allow that appointment to be offered to another patient. 

Please ring as soon as you can to cancel an appointment so that your appointment can be offered to another patient.


Text Reminder Service

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Teaching Practice

This Practice is one of the oldest established teaching practices in South Wales and supports up and coming GPs, medical students, nursing students and many other healthcare professionals are involved in the teaching ethos of the practice.  Old School Surgery is an Accredited Advanced Training Practice and for many years has been involved in the postgraduate training of fully qualified doctors who wish to enter the speciality of General Practice and more recently undertaken refresher and remedial training for doctors. Each year a fully qualified doctor with experience in hospital medicine who is preparing to become a general practitioner joins the practice and spends up to a year working with us, sharing all aspects of medical care with the partners. Occasionally you may be asked permission for your consultation to be recorded; this is an important part of, not only the training of future GPs, but of the revalidation of the permanent doctors in the practice. The practice also has an ongoing commitment to undertake training of medical students for all years. Dr Emma White is responsible for the Year 5 (final year) Cardiff medical students who are attached to the Practice for eight weeks at a time. Dr Richard Walsh is responsible for the Swansea Medical Students who are attached to the Practice.

GP Registrars

GP Registrars usually work in the Practice for between six and twelve months as part of their specialist family doctor training, and their work is supervised by the trainers. The GP Registrar is encouraged to take on long-term problems which are presented by the patient to him/her. They often have particular expertise in another branch of medicine as well.

As part of their training you will be asked permission to record a telephone consultation or a video consultation for their final exam submission (CSA)

Medical Students

5th Year Medical Students from Cardiff University Medical School are attached to the Practice for eight week attachments. These students are in their final year in their medical degrees and use this attachment to consolidate General Practice Experience.

4th Year Medical Students from Swansea University will also be attached to the Practice throughout the year.

From time to time we will also have Practice Nurse students sitting in with our Practice Nurse team.  Advanced Nurse Practitioners sitting in with Rhian Lang, ANP and Pharmacy Students sitting in with Joanne Pritchard, Practice Pharmacist.