In addition to seeing your GP, our practice offers a variety of clinics:

Practice Nurse Clinic – we hold a wide variety of clinics in Pontyclun and Llanharry.

Diabetic clinic – Lauren Griffiths, Mandy McMurray and Jenna Williams (Practice Nurses) are responsible for seeing all our Diabetic patients on an annual basis.  You will be notified by letter when your annual bloods and face to face review is due.  THIS GROUP OF PATIENTS SHOULD RECEIVE AN ANNUAL FLU VACCINE.

Asthma Clinic – Lauren Griffiths, Jenna Williams and Melissa Farrelly (Practice Nurses) are responsible for looking after our asthmatic and COPD patients.  You will be notified via your repeat prescription or by letter when your annual review is due.  THIS GROUP OF PATIENTS SHOULD RECEIVE AN ANNUAL FLU VACCINE.

Rhian Lang (ANP) will see patients aged 16 and under.  Review is also responsible for reviewing patients with COPD.

Hypertensive Patients – every 12 months you should have your blood pressure measured and every 12 months you should attend for annual routine non fasting blood tests.

Blood Tests – All blood tests are by appointment in Pontyclun and Llanharry surgeries. We offer early morning blood appointments for patients who work. The practice is able to offer more flexibilty with appointment times for patients who need both their blood taken and blood pressure monitored. Please ask at reception for more details.

You no longer need to fast for routine blood tests such as cholesterol. However, should you need to “fast” you will be advised of this by the Doctor or Nurse during your consultation.

We are not able to offer any blood appointments in the afternoon.

Minor Operation ClinicYou must be seen by a GP before you are referred to this clinic.  There is currently a waiting list for this service and you will be notified by letter of your appointment.

Due to the recent changes made by the Local Health Board the practice are no longer able to remove skin tags and even if you are referred to this clinic there may be a possibility that the procedure can no longer be carried out at the Surgery.

Holiday Vaccinations we only offer NHS vaccinations (Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Revaxis). We no longer be offering Yellow Fever Vaccinations.    We recommend that you ask for an information sheet from the Practice before booking your appointment.
If you need advice on travel vaccinations then please contact the surgery and ask to speak to Mandy McMurray,  Jenna Williams or Melissa Farrelly (Practice Nurses).

INR clinic – The Pharmacists who runs this clinic will book their own appointments. The clinic is held every Thursday in Pontyclun and on a Thursday afternoon in Llanharry Surgery. If you need an unscheduled appointment then please contact the surgery and a receptionist will be able to discuss this with you.

Ante-Natal Clinic – Clinic is held in Pontyclun Surgery on a Tuesday Morning with the Midwife. If you need to speak to or see a midwife when she is not in the surgery please phone the ante natal unit at Royal Glamorgan Hospital on 01443 443529.

Baby Immunisation Clinic – Weekly baby clinics are held in Pontyclun on a Friday afternoon from 1:30pm-3:30pm  By appointment only

Health Visitor Weigh & Advice Clinic – clinics are held on Pontyclun Surgery on a Tuesday between 1 – 2.30pm and in Llanharry Surgery every Monday afternoon 2.30 – 4pm

Influenza and Pneumoccocal Vaccinations – we usually receive our vaccinations at the end of September.  If you are aged 65 and over or fall into one of the ‘at risk’ categories it is highly recommended that you receive an annual influenza (flu) vaccine.  If you do not wish to receive this vaccination then please let us know.

Drug and Alcohol Clinic – the surgery runs a substance misuse and alcohol counselling clinic in Llanharry Surgery.  If you would like to be seen in this clinic, please make an appointment with one of the Doctors.

Primary Care Mental Health Services  and Active Monitoring (MIND) this service is offered in-house at Llanharry Surgery.  To be referred to this service please make an appointment with one of the Doctors.

Private Medical Appointments – If you require a private medical appointment then please contact Mrs Eleanor Hucker on 01443 222567 to arrange an appointment.  Medicals are carried out after evening surgery Monday – Wednesday only.

DVLA Medicals – Dr Hywel Davies undertakes medicals on behalf of the DVLA where people are applying for their licence to be renewed or continued. Appointments are made via Miss Sophie Williams  by telephoning 01443 222567 whereby your details will be taken by the Receptionist and Sophie will contact you to arrange an appointment. We are unable to give you any of your results from this medical you are advised to contact the DVLA at least 1 working week after you have attended. Where you have been instructed to pay for the medical the current fee is £98.50 and we do not charge VAT. Payment by cash only.