Patient’s rights:

You will be treated with respect and as a partner in your care. Being a partner means you have responsibilities too.

We will:

Ensure our patients have 24 hour access to medical advice.

Aim for you to have access to a suitably qualified professional within 48 hours of your initial contact during surgery hours, or in an urgent case, the same day.

Work with you to achieve the best medical care possible for you.

Involve you and listen to your opinions and views in all aspects of your medical care.

The prevention of disease, illness and injury is a primary concern.

The medical staff will advise you and inform you of the steps you can take to promote good health and a healthy lifestyle.

We would respectfully ask that you:

Let us know if you intend to cancel an appointment or you are running late.

Treat our staff with courtesy and respect. Reception staff may have to ask some personal questions to assist us in providing you with the best service.

Inform the practice staff of any alterations in your circumstances, such as change of surname, address or telephone number. Please ensure that we have your correct telephone number, even if it’s ex-directory.

Staff Protection: 

A zero tolerance policy towards violent, threatening and abusive behaviour is now in place throughout the National Health Service. The staff at this practice have the right to do their work in an environment free from violent, threatening and abusive behaviour and everything will be done to protect that right. At no time will any violent, threatening or abusive behaviour be tolerated in this practice. If you do not respect the rights of our staff we may choose to inform the police and make arrangements for you to be removed from our medical list


Confidentiality is the cornerstone of health care and central to the work of everyone working at this Practice. All information about patients is confidential; from the most sensitive diagnoses, to the fact of having visited the surgery or being registered at the practice. The duty of confidentiality owed to a person under 16 is as great as that owed to any other person. All patients can expect that their personal information will not be disclosed without their permission except in the most exceptional of circumstances, for example when someone is at grave risk of serious harm.

If you would like a member of your family to be able to discuss your health with a member of the team then we will need written consent to do this.

New Patients joining the Practice: 

When you register with us, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire on your personal history to assist in giving you treatment until your records are received from your previous doctor.

Your previous medical records will be forwarded to us from your previous GP

We also need to register newborn babies as soon as possible

We operate a strict boundary area

Change of details:

Please notify us of a change of your address, telephone number or name. Unless you do this, the Local Health Board may remove your name from our list of patients.   You can do this by sending an email to
Please note that if you awaiting an appointment from a local hospital you need to inform the hospital of your change of address otherwise you may be removed from the waiting list.

Disabled Access:

Wheelchair access to both surgeries is through the main door. A disabled patients WC is provided off the waiting room of both surgeries. Both surgeries have a loop system available in order to aid communication with patients who have suitable hearing aids. Please note that both practices use an electronic notice board to call patients into the consulting rooms, if you are not able to see the board clearly then please inform the receptionist when you arrive at the surgery and arrangements will be made to inform you when the doctor is ready for you.

If you have any disabilities that you think we should be aware of then please let us know.

Freedom of Information Act:

Why does the NHS collect Information about you?

Your Doctor and the team of health professionals caring for you keep records about your health and any treatment or care you receive from the NHS. This information will either be written down (manual records), or held on computer (electronic records). These records are then used to guide and manage the care you receive.

You may also be receiving care from organisations outside the NHS (like social services). If so we may need to share some information about you so that everyone involved in your care can work together for your benefit. Whenever this is necessary, your information will be handled in the strictest of confidence and will be subject to the principles of confidentiality.

Access to medical records:

Patient records are only available to the doctors and attached staff in the practice. No information will be given to any other person without the patient’s prior consent. Please do not ask for information about other patients, even relatives, as we are unable to give it. Patients are entitled to access to their own medical records, we require a request in writing in order to be able to do this for you, please ask for a Subject Access Request (SAR) form.

Your Information, Your Rights

Medical reports:

If you give permission for a medical report for life insurance or employment, the doctors are obliged to include all the relevant information in the medical records. As a result of the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988 any patient is entitled to see a medical report relating to themselves for employment or insurance purposes. Prior notice of this is needed and 21 days is given in which to make your comments before the report is sent.


Suggestions and Complaints:

We always welcome suggestions about ways to improve the services we offer our patients. If you have reason to complain about any aspect of the care you have received please write to Mrs Rachael Baker, Practice Manager. Your complaint will be investigated promptly and you will be informed about any changes we have made as a result.
Our practice complaints procedure document is currently unavailable on-line