We are now sending out 1st class letters to patients in GROUP 6 (moderately at risk under 70 years old).  We are working alphabetically.

We can offer 333 patients an appointment w/c 8th March and the remaining patients in the  group an appointment w/c 15th March or w/c 22nd March.

We will review the patients in Group 5 who may have been missed and offer you an appointment this month.

Our goals is for everyone in Group 1 – 6 to have their first dose by Friday 26th March, there may be a reduction in Doctor and Nurse appointments to help us achieve this goal.

You may feel disgruntled that other people around you have received their vaccination sooner than yourself.  This is because vaccination centres have more staff vaccinating over longer hours and more vaccine allocated to them.

This week we have vaccinated 600 patients.