Covid Vaccination Clarification post 19.2.2021
The vaccination programme is an additional service and for the Practice to be able to hold regular clinics we need to be able to release the Doctors and Nurses from their day to day work.  We also need the support of our management and administrative team to co-ordinate clinics and contact patients.
Every Practice in Cwm Taf works differently, so you may hear of a member of your family or friend having their vaccine before you.
By the end of February patients in Groups 1-4 will have been offered and appointment and vaccinated, this include patients who need a home visit.
By 5th March all our patients aged 65-69 will have been offered an appointment and vaccinated.  1st class letters have been sent this week.
Group 6 – we have 1,030 patients in this group and we have to double check the list we have received to ensure it includes the correct patient criteria and our Carers.  We will be working on this list next week with an aim of offering eligible patients an appointment before the end of March.
There will be patients in the above groups who have missed an appointment for whatever reason, please be reassured you will be contacted again.
We have asked you not to contact us about your Covid vaccination as we need to keep our telephone lines available for patients who need our medical services.