We will be receiving our first 200 doses this week and have already started to contact patients aged 80 and above.  We are contacting patients by age, starting at 100 years and working our way down to 80 years old.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US, our telephone lines are extremely busy with day to day queries.

We have a total of 602 patients in this eligible group and it is going to take us a little longer than planned to vaccinate everyone.

If you are housebound and NOT under the care of the district nursing team, we will arrange to visit you at home when we have enough patients (either 8 or 10) as the vaccine does not come in individual doses.

If you are housebound and under the care of the district nursing team, you will be contacted by them with a date/time that they will visit.  Please do not contact the surgery to check when this is happening as we do not have any control of their diary.

Once you have received the vaccine you will be able to leave the surgery premises but you will not be able to drive for 15 minutes.

Your second dose will be given at 11 weeks (no sooner) and we will ask you to attend a dedicated clinic.

Please wear a face mask/covering to the appointment.   Please do not attend if you have Covid symptoms are have tested positive for Covid OR a member of your household has Covid.

We are not offering the vaccine to anyone aged below 80 years and we do not have any further information on this programme.