Covid Vaccination Programme update 29.1.2021

We are holding another clinic on Saturday 30th January and by the end of this clinic we will have vaccinated all our over 80 year olds including our housebound patients  in this age group.   We will also have vaccinated all our 79 year olds and have started to invite some of our 78 year olds to this clinic. There will be a few patients that we have not been able to vaccinate but we will keep in contact with you over the next few weeks. We are expecting 480 doses at the end…Read more

Covid Vaccination Programme update 21.1.2021

Covid Vaccination Update 21.1.2021 Following a conversation with the Health Board yesterday we can confirm the following: As a Practice we will be vaccinating all our patients aged 75 and above BUT we need to offer all our over 80 year old patients a vaccination BEFORE we can start offering the 75-79 year old population. We are half way through our current cohort of patients and we hope to finish vaccinating these patients by the middle of February, sooner if we can. PLEASE WAIT FOR US TO CONTACT YOU BY TELEPHONE If you…Read more

Covid Vaccination Programme update 11.1.2021

We will be receiving our first 200 doses this week and have already started to contact patients aged 80 and above.  We are contacting patients by age, starting at 100 years and working our way down to 80 years old. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US, our telephone lines are extremely busy with day to day queries. We have a total of 602 patients in this eligible group and it is going to take us a little longer than planned to vaccinate everyone. If you are housebound and NOT under the care of the…Read more

Covid-19 Vaccination Programme 5.1.2021

It has been confirmed that we will be offering the vaccination to our OVER 80 year old patients.   We will be able to place an order for the vaccine from Monday 11th January but we are still unsure as to how many we can order at a time and when they will be delivered.  This is because the stock is being centrally supplied by the Health Board and not purchased by the Practice. You will receive TWO vaccinations at 11 weeks apart PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT - we will contact…Read more