Our clinics are fully booked.

On Friday 30th October we will check our stock to see if we can release more appointments for our OVER 65 practice population

If you are UNDER 65 and in on of the AT RISK groups please contact us week commencing 16th November as we are due to receive more vaccines at the end of November and we will hopefully be able to offer you an appointment.  Appointments will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

We have had lots of questions about why some patients have been able to have their vaccine and others have not.  For many years the OVER 65 population have had a different vaccine to the UNDER 65 population.  We therefore have two different suppliers and our stock comes in differently.  Our UNDER 65 stock will always come in small batches (this is due to the manufacturer arranging the delivery dates), this is the reason why we can only offer a few appointments at a time.

It is also not ideal for us to have all our deliveries in one go and this is for several reasons 1) we do not have enough fridges to store the vaccines and 2) it is not recommended that you store all the vaccines in one place (i.e. a larger fridge).  If something goes wrong with a fridge then we would lose all our stock.

We are still unable to offer appointments to the “well 50-64 year olds”.